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A Deal With Sock

Portland Product Werks has signed a licensing deal for footwear and socks with Medina, Minn.-based Polaris Industries Inc., a snowmobile and off-road vehicle company with a loyal following. 

The deal is the latest win for Portland's robust footwear and outdoor apparel industry, which features stalwarts such as Nike, Adidas North America, Columbia Sportswear, Keen and a number of startups and smaller companies.

Portland Product Werks, which is based in Northwest Portland, will introduce the line this fall. Products will be available online, as well as at snowmobile dealers and outdoor stores. The first products will be available in time for the holiday shopping season. 

"We've got some compelling products we'll launch out of the gate," said Portland Product Werks CEO Sean Beers. "They'll be cool and applicable to the brand."

Polaris had $4.5 billion in 2016 sales and is known for loyal consumers. Some consider it the snowmobile equivalent of Harley-Davidson, which sells everything from boots to wallets to belt buckles with the motorcycle company's logo.

"Once you're on Polaris, you're a Polaris guy for life," Beers said. "That's part of the secret sauce here. The consumer is so loyal to the brand. I think the sky's the limit."

Portland Product Werks has a similar licensing deal with Woolrich Inc.

Portland-based Meriwether Group, a boutique business advisor that works with local and national brands, connected Polaris and Portland Product Werks.

"The only way a consumer can access the Polaris brand is if they buy a snowmobile or an ATV," said Meriwether Group CEO David Hewitt. "Not everybody who loves the brand is going to be able to own a snowmobile or an ATV."

The deal further cements Oregon's position as the epicenter of the outdoor and footwear apparel industry.

"Polaris footwear just moved to Portland. That's a way to look at it," Hewitt said. "It's a big deal for our community."

Portland Product Werks employs around eight and will add contract employees, including freelancers, designers and developers, as it builds out the line.

"It continues to perpetuate the reputation of the city as the epicenter for footwear and outdoor products," Beers said.

From the Portland Business Journal May 3, 2017









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