Dovetail Workwear started with three women -- two with muddy knees and one knee-deep in textiles. Co-founders Kate Day and Kyle Marie Begley owned a residential design/build landscaping firm in Portland, Ore. called Moxie and Moss Gardening. Digging in the wet, Pacific Northwest soil was uncomfortable, their everyday jeans weren't up to the task, and workwear marketed to women was ill-fitting or in stereotypical colors and styles. When they met client and apparel industry expert, Sara DeLuca, the three took things into their own hands, designing and producing the Maven pant to address these shortcomings. 

In September, 2017, PPW acquired Moxie and Moss Workwear, in order to use PPW's operational platform to launch them to success. In June 2018, MMW rebranded as Dovetail Workwear to celebrate their entry into the wholesale retail market. Together, PPW and the Dovetail founders are working hard to fulfill the mission of creating workwear "Fit for the Job and Capable of Anything."